Artist Creates Incredible Comics Inspired By His Married Life

Comics Inspired By His Married Life

When two people start living together, their union can be enjoyable, chaotic, and always interesting. Living with someone can reveal so much about the other person, especially details you never knew before. It’s like you’re entering a new world.

A woman’s complaints can be totally different from a guy’s complaints, and some can be more serious than others. But artist Yehuda Devir is turning his moments at home with his wife into art. Not only is it amazing, but it’s pretty entertaining too.

The couple has been together for eight years. They met in the army and will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in 2 months. Devir turns his everyday life with his wife, Maya, into incredible comics with a touch of exaggeration.

Devir told HuffPost, “My inspiration for these comics is simply our daily lives. These are real cases that happen to us.”

His comics also manage to give a better understanding of not only the way girls think but generally how relationships work.

The drawings show Maya in different “extreme” situations. From trying to remove a cockroach to warming her cold legs and more.

He tells HuffPost: “Because of her, I make these illustrations. She just gives me laughter and happiness for life. She is also an artist.”

Their life in Tel Aviv, Israel, is perfectly illustrated with these comics. His wife really inspires him to draw the most incredible comics with a ton of humor behind them.

Drawings that speak a thousand words

Time to show off some of his drawings. This one depicts what was expected and what actually happened when Yehuda and Maya went to watch Logan.

We’re sure a lot of guys can relate to this situation. Here Devir writes about a “typical night out,” showing how he’s clearly the first one to be ready, while Maya takes her time!

Every girl can relate to these hilarious photos. Devir captioned this photo “bad hair day,” showing Maya transforming into the Hulk when her hair wasn’t cooperating.

In this photo, Yehuda writes “holiday leftovers,” where he pranks his wife into thinking she gained a ton of weight after eating all that food after a holiday. Hilarious!

Yehuda went a little more romantic in this funny photo, depicting the moment he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Maya. She obviously had zero hesitation in saying “yes.”

Captioning “a walk in the park,” Yehuda hilariously manages to turn such a simple, common activity with a partner into something that clearly becomes a big deal.

Men don’t only hate the winter because of the cold. Yehuda does an amazing job at showing the real reason why men hate it, but also why women turn into werewolves.

“The scarf” shows Yehuda simply putting on his jacket and a thin scarf before going out. Whereas his wife, Maya, takes the scarf situation to a whole new level.

We think a lot of us can relate to this photo right here. When you are ready for bed and fast asleep, your partner is just not on the same level. His face says it all!

Mornings with the Devirs look a little something like this. Yehuda clearly is not the biggest morning person, but we’re guessing his wife, Maya, is even worse!

But regardless of how exaggerated some of these cartoons are, you have to admit Yehuda is clearly head over heels for his wife Maya. Check out this final drawing.

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