A Bottle of Vodka Hidden Under Ground Weeks Before Festival - Cheers to the Man With The Brilliant Idea!


The two most common truths about all festivals are incredibly tight security and pricey alcohol. Strict security measures are necessary since so many people attend festivals in general, and such large crowds carry the possibility for their aggressive and dangerous activities and behavior.

The expensive booze prices, though, well, that’s just exploitative. They don’t allow you to bring any alcohol from outside, so you’re forced to buy their drink which is a minimum of $11/drink. What that means is that if you’re not a lightweight, you’re in trouble.

One guy from New York named Alex found an ingenious way to get past these two roadblocks. Three weeks before the Electric Zoo festival in New York City, Alex traveled to Randall’s Island, where the event is located, with a bottle of Vodka in his arm.

He filled a reusable bottle with Vodka, and by using a small shovel that he brought with him, Alex and his friends buried the bottle of booze in the ground a long time before the festival crew arrived to construct the stages for the event.

It was much easier said than done, and the idea took a lot of planning. He explains to Lad Bible, “I’ve been going to Electric Zoo for over four years now, so I know the layout very well. The planning of the burial was simple.”

He continues, “We used Google Maps and marked our spot on GPS so we knew where it would be. Then we waited.” Burying the phone wasn’t difficult because there wasn’t any security around the area just yet, but retrieving the bottle was another story.

Alex says, “The hardest part was trying not to raise any suspicions because there’s quite a lot of cameras and festival staff around. Once we got to the GPS spot, we all huddled around it. I did a double take to make sure we were in the clear, and then one of us dug up the vodka.”

After 10 minutes of digging, Alex and his friends had the rest of the day to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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