Man Skips Work For Years With The Help Of A Potato Chip Bag And Finally Gets Caught And Fired


When it comes to being excused from work, it can be safely assumed that management worldwide has heard and seen almost everything. The minds of the working class are pretty creative and resourceful, and they invent so many reasons for skipping their daily duties and responsibilities. For some, when working freedom is granted, they capitalize on the opportunity, and sometimes, in the most unusual of ways.

An electrician has been fired from his job after it was found that he had been cleverly using a potato chip bag that would help him skip work. Two whole years into his ingenious scheme, it had finally been discovered just what he had been up to the entire time.

Playing golf instead of working

This idea allowed him to successfully play golf nearly 140 times while he was supposed to be on the clock, working. Employed by the same company for 20 years in Australia, Tom Colella, 60, had finally been stopped in his tracks. The business received an anonymous tip proving that he was off playing golf as opposed to fulfilling his working duties. His employers failed to notice for far too long.

Just like in other businesses, a digital assistant was provided that tracked his active assignments and completed work. Additionally, his location was also tracked through GPS. What Colella did to deviate from and deceive his employers was astounding.

Tom had been sneakily using an empty foil potato chip bag that blocked the GPS tracking. This scheme operated similarly to a “Faraday cage,” which is a device that blocks electromagnetic fields. His digital assistant was placed inside the bag and sealed up entirely, which prevented the signal from getting through.

Upon being confronted with the issue, he stated that his device was malfunctioning. Australia’s Fair Work Commission concluded that this unusual potato chip bag trick served no other purpose but to help him skip work. Fox News reports that Tom had golfed 21 days in a single month during working hours.

Authorities struggled to find a plausible explanation as to why else he would deliberately obstruct the GPS’s collecting capacity of the device. Tom’s bag of choice appeared to be the brand known as Twisties, and although it effectively defeated the GPS tracking, he wisely still managed to update details about his assignments daily, deceptively. Colella was dismissed from his employment following the investigation, putting an end to his long-lasting antics.

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