Brave Model Diagnosed With Cancer Serves As Inspiration To Many Before Her Death At 24

Brazilian model Nara Almeida

Beautiful and popular Brazilian model Nara Almeida had approximately 5 million Instagram followers, and despite her good looks, she was exceptional and rare because she spread positivity until her untimely death from cancer at 24. According to The Sun, Nara received her stomach cancer diagnosis in 2017, and she died at the Nove de Julho Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in May 2018.

Throughout her final year of life, Nara remained steadfast in her positivity and never quit in her journey to recover, spread cheer and goodwill, and document her grueling process. She wrote on her Instagram: ‘08/08/2017 the craziest day of my life, the day I received the diagnosis that I had stomach cancer. I will never forget the feeling and energy I felt at the time. The only thing I could do was cry, but it was not a cry of sadness; I felt emotion because I was being chosen to be part of a larger plan. This is how I see this phase! Everything has a reason!’

In one of her last posts, on April 24, before her death, Nara revealed that she started a new treatment called immunotherapy, and she hoped it would end the pain. As reported by The Daily Mail, she wrote: ‘After many tests and a lot of preparation, my doctors found a medicine that will do me really well, and I have the chance to save my life. Now let’s hope this drug has a wonderful effect, and I get rid of this disease and end this suffering.’

Nara’s battle with stomach cancer lasted nearly ten months, but she never quit. ‘It’s part of a larger plan; we’ll only understand later; I always wanted to make my life worthwhile, I always wanted to be more, I never wanted to be one more, and I know that it will strengthen me to be who I want to be and to convey the message that I really want to you, that life can be light and full of love regardless of the bad moments.’

When doctors told Nara that the cancer had spread to her other organs and there was no chance of survival, she still remained positive. ‘The doctors gave me the confirmation that my case was aggravated, and there was no possibility of a cure. But once again, I repeat to you, “IT’S ONLY A PHASE” I’m sure this will not be my end.’

It was on May 4 when Nara’s boyfriend of two years, Pedro Rocha, announced her death. He wrote on Instagram: ‘Unfortunately, Nara passed away last night; after so much fighting, I wanted to have her forever, but she deserved to rest. Her death leaves a huge space in my heart, but she is going to live forever inside me; she will always be my inspiration, making me see the world in a better light. I am sure she will continue conveying her strength to many people, as this was her goal. Rest in peace, my love.’

It was in a post in March where Nara wrote: ‘Only I and God know what I’ve already been through, how many traumas, how many sleepless nights crying in pain, only he and I know! I want it to end soon, God; you understand my heart, help me give me the strength and strength to continue, I beg you.’ But despite her more than 1700 posts on Instagram, it might be Nara’s bio on her profile that really sums up her life and her journey: ‘Don’t forget to smile.’

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