Top 27 Most Horrible Customers At Walmart

Customers At Walmart

Walmart is an infamous chain of supermarkets where all types of people and customers come to make their purchases, frequently with odd attire and performing strange activities.

Some people have absolutely no shame, while others are just completely unaware of their surroundings and live in their own bubble. Some people also just don’t really care about what others think and live their lives in that way. While I agree with this, for the most part, there’s also a line that shouldn’t be crossed, especially when going out in public. Firstly because laws such as public indecency and public nudity need to be enforced and secondly because social etiquette is a thin yet delicate line. You’re bound to see a few things out of the ordinary pretty much anywhere you go in life, but for some reason, Walmart seems to attract more bizarre behavior than any other public place. From men wearing extremely promiscuous clothing to wardrobe malfunctions, inappropriate diaper changing, and literal fist fights, these are just a few of the worst customers to have entered a Walmart.

Here are 28 of the worst customers that have shopped at Walmart:

1. Why go to Walmart in regular clothes when you can wear matching pajamas with your friend instead? Pajama Day should be every day! The look on that little boy’s face suggests how we all feel. Note: No animals were harmed in the creation of this outfit.

2. I guess she was really eager to show off her new pair of oversized underwear! She wanted to flaunt her new undies so badly that she decided to wear them over her pants! But who am I to judge someone’s fashion sense?

3. This person doing some shopping at Walmart is definitely dressed to impress. Where do you even find thigh-high boots that go up that high? And is he wearing corduroys under his jean skirt? Or is that a woman since there is a purse in the grocery cart?

4. There’s nothing wrong with wearing some short shorts, but when and where to wear them is always an important thing to consider. I am no fashion designer, but I am pretty sure an outing to Walmart doesn’t qualify for such promiscuous clothing.

5. What would you do to your boyfriend or husband if you saw him wearing this shirt? Or even worse, if you caught your son wearing such inappropriate clothing? Someone would definitely be forced to sleep on the couch! (PS. I didn’t know there were Subways inside Walmarts.)

6. This kid got so fed up with shopping that he decided to take a nap in the shopping cart. What is it about Walmart that makes people fall asleep? Is that the blue Walmart vest that he’s wearing? If so, is that how all employees spend their breaks?

7. I would really like to know what happened to this girl’s clothes and why she’s in Walmart naked to begin with. My current theory is that as she was trying on some clothes in the changing room, her previous attire was just spontaneously combusted.

8. It’s totally possible that this girl forgot to do her morning stretches, right? I guess when you need to stretch it out, it doesn’t matter where you are. Or she’s just practicing how to get a 1-liter bottle of soda with just her toes.

9. Why stand up and walk when you can sit in a shopping cart with countless bottles of pop? It must be comfortable! My only question is: Does this family’s diet consist strictly of raw meat and copious amounts of soda?

10. It looks like laying down for a nap is a totally common thing to do when shopping at Walmart. Does the kid have a barcode on him to be scanned by the machine? I guess the constant movement of the rotator belt is sufficient to lull the child to sleep.

11. This is a classic dad punishment. I wonder how embarrassed this man’s daughter was to be seen walking around with him in public. This is parenting at its finest; you should always lead by example. Do you think they learned their lesson?

12. Dressing up is always fun, and I guess some people like to show it off just a bit more than others. Is this supposed to be some sort of baby or infant imitation? And this fellow seems like he’s really tall; kudos to him for finding a onesie(?) that fits (barely.)

13. When you hit snooze too many times, but you need to make a quick run for some steaks before going to work. I guess walking around in Walmart with your pajamas on is a normal thing to do. Would you ever go out in public with your pajamas on?

14. This is what happens when you can’t decide on a hairstyle that morning. What’s going on here exactly? Are those three wigs attached to each other, or am I seeing things? Could this be a possible new fashion trend for 2017? Only time will tell!

15. Putting your hands in your significant other’s back pocket in public is intimate enough, but this would be the perfect situation to tell someone to “get a room,” don’t you think? They couldn’t at least wait until they walked out of the store. It seemed like they were headed toward the exit anyway.

16. This person is so passionate about hamburgers and french fries that he owns a hamburger and french fries-themed shirt. Now that’s dedication. The pants are a nice touch, too. You’d think someone rocking a shirt like that would be getting burger patties and potatoes, no?

17. Why use your own feet to walk around and do your groceries when you can just get dragged along on the floor? I hope he is getting a salary since he is responsible for the sweeping and dusting of the floor. (Whether it is voluntarily done should be debated.)

18. This is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep, kids! Falling asleep in public places is never fun. You know you’re really tired when you can just pass out on the cold hard metal of Walmart shelves. Someone wake this guy up or get him a pillow!

19. This is how serious some people are about the shampoo they use for their hair. They’re willing to fight another person to get the right brand! Hair is some serious business. The Spongebob's face on the boy’s sweater in the background sums up this whole picture.

20. Some people are so into animals that they have no problem going out in public dressed as their favorite furry animal. I guess you can call that passion! Is he dressing up as a dog or a fox? And he’s so passionate about his animals that he had to purchase one of whatever he’s imitating.

21. I think Halloween came a little bit early for this particular fellow! Is he (or she) some sort of mascot for Walmart? How are they breathing with that thing wrapped so tight around their face? And how did they manage to inflate that thing?

22. Do you think anyone pointed out to this guy that he had a massive stain on the back of his pants? That would be an awkward conversation. For his sake, I would hope that he sat in a pool of water and the stain did not originate from him.

23. I thought it was aggravating enough just watching people leave grocery carts lying around in the parking lot. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess. It’s entirely possible that this mom just didn’t have the time to change her child in the bathroom, right?

24. A national holiday called “pajama day” should be created so that it can become socially acceptable to walk around in pajamas all day. Seems like she is pioneering that movement. I’d totally do it! Did you have pajama day in school when you were young?

25. This should be a constant reminder to everyone to always wear a belt, or if not a belt, then at least a long shirt. Or if you are going to refuse to do both of those things, then make sure not to bend over! You never know who’s taking a glance your way!

26. For some reason, this reminds me of the scene in Willy Wonka when Violet Beauregard turns into a giant blueberry. It kind of looks like a frown from the back. But in her defense, she could just be sitting on a giant, inflatable purple cushion.

27. Personally, I like to cover up a bit more when I’m going out in public, but you never know…maybe it was a really hot day that day! And yes, I am pretty sure that lower back tattoo says ‘Married with 22 kids.’

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