16 Airline Passengers Who Lacked Normal Human Decency

worst airline passengers

If you are a person who often travels by plane, then it is likely that you were faced with a fellow passenger who is an utmost flight ruiner. If you haven’t, then you might just be that person.

Whether it’s hogging too much space or being relentlessly loud for the duration of the flight, there are some people out there that can make a 2-hour flight feel like it’s 8 hours long.

Here are 16 of the worst airline passengers that will make you glad you didn’t share the same flight.

1. Flights aren’t cheap, and they aren’t very entertaining either, which makes the onboard movie a pleasant distraction. However, for whatever reason, some passengers only think of themselves. This irked co-passenger wrote, “This is why we can’t bring scissors on board?”

2. There is no one busy enough that the only time they have to clip their toenails is on a flight. At least take your clipping to the lavatory, but even then, reconsider your life choices.

3. There’s nothing quite like an unsolicited visit from a rogue foot friend to ensure a long flight. We’d all like to put our feet up mid-flight, but unless you’re en route to a foot fetish convention, your fellow passengers aren’t going to be too pleased with your grubby little toes.

4. Taking up two seats is one thing, and letting your leg dangle over the armrest into the aisle is another, but unbuttoning your pants just brings shamelessness to a whole other level.

5. What? A mess like this takes actual effort to form. One page of a crumpled newspaper? Sure. A makeshift rat’s nest surrounding your window seat? Not at all.

6. The purpose of an armrest is to rest your arm on it, not around it, as if the chair is an unbolted IKEA product that could fall apart at any second. A little leg spread might make things more comfortable, but at this near-split point of spreading, why?

7. When you hear your neighboring passenger is bringing on a therapy pet for emotional support, you might hope for an adorable, well-trained dog, but a turkey? Not unless it’s the in-flight meal.

8. We all have the right to recline our seats back on a flight, but it doesn’t mean you always should. At least this guy has a place to rest his head while leaning forward.

9. Being in a nearby radius of any kid while traveling can be a nightmare. If this guy thought he was safe because the kid was in front of him, he was greatly mistaken.

10. For most people, catching a spider is no easy task. However, catching a spider when you’re confined to a seat in a plane flying through the air? That’s a universal nightmare.

11. Throwing out something like a banana peel really isn’t a strenuous task, yet it seems like it’s some people’s goal to make flight attendants sigh at the end of their shifts.

12. Being able to sleep through the flight is a dream for every passenger, but a nightmare for those who are still awake and unexpectedly become a shoulder to lean on.

13. Is this the work of one person, or is it a collective effort of sloppiness? Even port-a-potties have come out of a day looking better than this.

14. When most people attempt to join the “mile-high club,” they usually opt for the privacy of the lavatory. However, clearly, not all couples need that seclusion to get things going.

15. From a flexibility standpoint, this positioning is impressive, but as the person sitting directly in front? Not ideal. If the plane ever hits some rough turbulence, at least she’ll learn her lesson.

16. A little bit of repositioning might be necessary to get comfortable, but this position looks like it takes a lot more effort than it’s worth.

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