A Look Back On American High School Students' Fashion In The ’60s

Woman from 60s

During the period of the ’60s, there were no rules when it came to fashion. Young people had a unique fashion look, and colors and patterns were very trendy.

Loud, bright clothes were in fashion, with geometric prints on pants or tights. Also, ponchos for women were all the rage, and beaded and fringed items were very in.

High-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts started in the ’60s and have made a comeback in today’s fashion for women.

The style of the pants was definitely different. There was no such thing as skinny jeans. Today that is the majority of pants you see on both men and women. Back in the ’60s, men and women both wore flared pants.

Fashion In The ’60s

Hairbands were very popular in the ’60s. Girls could wear them in the hair or around the top of their heads so that they could go around their forehead. That is still a popular look for festivals today.

Hair for both men and women was very flowy and not styled. It also looks as if young women didn’t dye their hair at all, so it looks very healthy.

You can also see that girls wore minimal makeup or none at all. A lot of girls today wear much more makeup. The clothes, makeup, and hair in the ’60s looked very easygoing, just like the vibe of that era.

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