4 Male Fashion Trends Disliked By Women

Skinny jeans

Even though men’s fashion trends may not change as often as women’s, significant fads have remained over the years. From stylish outfits worn by male celebrities to creative street styles that have caught on, it doesn’t take much for a new look to become trendy.

However, while some of these trends have won over men’s wardrobes, they don’t always end up appealing to the opposite sex. Women may not be as vocal in person about their distaste for men’s fashion fads, but online, they have proven to have some very strong opinions.

Here are 4 male fashion trends that women actually admit to hating:

1. Skinny jeans. From somewhere between 2001 and 2012, skinny jeans went from being a high fashion trend to being a common piece in men’s fashion. Women themselves are no strangers to a history of tight-fitting pants, but apparently, they don’t find it as aesthetically pleasing when worn on their male counterparts. A well-fitted pant is nothing to complain about, but many women feel that there’s a line when it comes to jeans being too skinny, and too many are crossing it.

2. Socks and sandals. Despite the fact that the combination of socks and sandals has been long considered a fashion faux pas, seeing men joining two very different seasons on their feet is not a rare occurrence. Whether it’s out of laziness or just a general disinterest in style, many women agree that socks and sandals are a big no-no.

3. Vests. Remember when vests used to be just part of a three-piece suit? Well, they’ve abandoned ship, and many men have chosen to rock one in a much more casual fashion. It’s a fashion choice that may have made a few select groupies swoon, but for the average Joe, it’s not a look that’s going to do any favors. Just because it worked for Aladdin doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you.

4. Wallet chains. Sure, there’s a certain functionality to having a wallet chain. It’s like a leash for your belongings. However, pockets are pretty reliable and also don’t rattle whenever you make the slightest motion, like some sort of dog collar. Maybe a wallet chain adds to a rebellious vibe, but most women are not for them.

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